Outputs and Results

Three implementation outputs are designed to further enhance SME engagement with digital technology, beyond standard practice for enterprises, to boost distinctiveness and market reach in congested online spaces in the COVID era.


Streamed and recorded dissemination activities:  4 workshops and 4 short dissemination activities will be used to demonstrate different ways in which the latest digital technology such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, gaming etc and place-based approaches (that confer place-based provenance) can be used to enhance the market reach of SMEs, and help them enter new markets and engage the interest of new customers segments. 



 This output will involve creating a 1 page info sheet cataloguing and providing details about the various skills, training and support resources developed by the 4 participating projects for dissemination across participating SMEs, end users and SMEs across the wider NPA region.

Outputs 1 & 2 will benefit directly at least 100 SME partners of Digi2Market and Storytagging. 



An event for engaging SMEs that will be developed to run in conjunction with each of the 4 workshops organised as part of WPT.1. Showcases will have two parts: demonstrating and allowing SMEs to 'play with' the latest immersive tech; and a session with SMEs to provide practical advice on how to have a more effective and engaging online presence. It is aimed to attract at least 12-13 new local SMEs to each event, increasing the capacity of 50 SMEs to embrace digital technology. All events will be streamed, recorded and promoted to project networks across the NPA region, so outputs will benefit other SMEs end users.

The CADI SHAC final conference and short final report will consider: The benefits of CADI SHAC for end users, the success of the short dissemination activities, engagement with and use of the infosheet, and the success and potential to scale up the enhancement showcases.