CApitalising on Digital InnovationS for Heritage And Capacity


COVID has emphasised the need for NPA SMEs to embrace digital innovation and create a unique presence in an increasingly congested online space. The complimentary skills of the 4 CADI SHAC projects will be capitalised on to engage and upskill SMEs and end users, amplifying what has already been achieved through the projects.

StoryTagging, Digi2Market, CINE & STRATUS have used digital innovation to enhance the market reach of SMEs and/or capture, visualise or celebrate local natural and cultural heritage for end users. Each participating project aligns with two of three digital themes: Immersive technology, digital marketing and data analytics and placed-based approaches that celebrate local natural and cultural heritage.

The SMEs, end users and networks of each project will derive further added value by engaging with, and being encouraged to harness, the innovation and technology of the third complementary theme. All four projects have also developed a wide range of digital skills and training materials for end-users.



Project Manager: Andy Golightly
Lead Partner: Robert Gordon University Orkney
Tel: +44 (0)1856 851 704

Project partners gathered and spent a few days in Austurland (East Iceland).

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A 2-day event took place at the Orkney Research and Innovation Campus (ORIC) in Stromness (Scotland).

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Live Heritage Event as part of Project STRATUS.

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The event took place in Tower Centre, Ballymena, during the last weekend of February.

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The Digi2market Final conference took place on 26th/27th January 2022. See details below for the range of speakers and watch back the recorded...

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Digi2Market is holding a #ruralbusiness Twitter/Insta day on 19th January 2022.

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