Digi2Market Conference: Delivering Marketing & Green Business Solutions

The Digi2market Final conference took place on 26th/27th January 2022. See details below for the range of speakers and watch back the recorded sessions.


Panel 1 Immersive technologies and SMEs – understanding immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360° video as marketing tools for business.

1st Speaker Tom Houston (Sentireal): Immersive technologies and business

Tom is Chief Operating Officer at Belfast software company Sentireal, experts in the provision of immersive training using Extended Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Tom has been the IT industry for 30 years and brings a wealth of business growth experience in domestic and international markets. Having previously held senior management roles in EMC and Sun Microsystems, Tom discussed his insights into working with smaller organisations, developing sales and marketing, and business growth strategies.

2nd Evelyn Ýr Kuhne (Lyintinstadia): Immersive technology solutions, a case study

Lýtingsstaðir is a small family run business in the North of Iceland merging traditional farming with a high-quality touristic service. Horses and sheep are bred on the farm and the tourist business has been operated for more than two decades. Evelyn discussed her experience of work with the Digi2Market EU project in the development of an immersive technology market solution for the business.

3rd Speaker Susan Talbot: Training & Development Opportunities in the Immersive Tech

Susan was a freelance editor for R.T.E and for numerous Independent Film & Television companies before moving to the US where she continued working in post-production, winning a regional Emmy award. She is currently the Network Manager for Immersive Technologies at Skillnet Ireland. Susan discussed the opportunities for various sectors to expand their immersive capabilities through tailored, subsidised, learning programmes.  


Panel 2 Immersive technologies and SMEs – understanding training and business needs to deliver immersive marketing solutions

1st Speaker Jack Morrow (RETiniZE): Adoption of Immersive technologies by SMEs – marketing and training needs

Jack is Chief Technology Officer at RETìníZE, a Belfast-based immersive technology studio. Having worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, Jack has a genuine passion for immersive media content and extensive experience creating cutting-edge solutions for clients. Jack dicussed his experience in the challenges and opportunities for business in delivering immersive solutions. 

2nd Speaker: Áskell Heiðar Ásgeirsson (1238): How to use VR in the tourism sector

1238 The Battle of Iceland is an immersive exhibition that goes a step beyond the regular history museum. Welcoming to people of all ages the exhibition offers its guests to see and take part in history through virtual reality. There visitors can take part and experience one of Iceland’s most fearful battle, The battle of Örlygsstaðir first hand. Áskell explained how the project was developed using cutting edge interactive technology that transports you into the past.

3rd Speaker: Helen Jackson (Ulster University): Assigning costs to immersive technology development

Helen is a Senior Lecturer in Interactive Media at Ulster University. Helen has a range of successful collaborations with businesses, government, social enterprises, and the cultural and community sectors in the development of transferable and exploitable immersive technology solutions. Helen brought some insight into the costs associated with immersive technology development.

Panel 3 Delivering Sustainability in SMEs

1st Speaker: Ingi Björn Sigurðsson: How to build a sustainable ecosystem for start-ups

Ingi Björn is co-founder at Brum Funding ehf. Ingi is an entrepreneur by heart, he has co-founded many startups, been an investor, been a board member and has mentored countless startups in Iceland. His specialities are Innovation, Startups, Economics, Driving behavior, Fleet management, E-commerce, online marketing, Innovation policies and strategies and Political Analyzing.

2nd Speaker: Gunnar Ólafsson: “Djupid – Innovation Ecosystem at the end of the road”

Gunnar has been working within the innovation ecosystem for the last years and founded Djúpið in 2018 after realizing the need for an open innovation lab in the Westfjords. Has been active in SDG education both nationally and internationally.

3rd Speaker Kimmo Turunen (Kontiolahti Outdoors): Sustainability practices in international outdoor event management

Kimmo Turunen is the President of the organizing committee of Kontiolahti Biathlon World Cup events. In 2020 Kontiolahti Biathlon built an environmental management system, and the organization is a fine example how sports activities and events can be more sustainable and improve competitive advantage with environmental work.

4th Speaker Lasse Okkonen (Karelia University of Applied Sciences): How university and SMEs van collaborate successfully in environmental management

Lasse Okkonen is a principal lecturer in Karelia University of Applied Sciences. His expertise includes environmental management systems and product life cycle analysis, which help companies to assess the environmental impacts of their actions.